Steven Knight: Biographies (to be read someday)

Last updated: 5 August 2000

This is one of several ongoing lists of books which pique my interest after reading or hearing about them. Notes and synopses in the table below, when not direct quotations, are based on third-hand impressions from reviews and other descriptions, so don't come crying to me if they aren't accurate. I do, however, welcome amendments and corrections.

Author Notes Book Reference Notes
Lennig, Arthur "...a respected film historian...with a passionate determination to set all records straight..." Stroheim (2000) NYTBR, 27 February 2000 A biography of the mercurial and aristrocratic silent film director, a personal hero for having created Greed, now lost in its original nine-and-a-half hour version.
McKenzie, Steven L.   King David: A Biography (2000) NYTBR, 18 June 2000 "A biblical scholar cross-examines the Old Testament to get at the truth behind King David."
Rayfield, Donald   Anton Chekhov: A Life (1998) NYTBR, 15 March 1998 Removes Chekhov from his pedestal without savaging him.
Robb, Peter   M: The Man Who Became Caravaggio (2000) NYTBR, 5 March 2000  
Secrest, Meryle   Stephen Sondheim: A Life (1998) NYTBR, 2 August 1998  
Sugden, John   Tecumseh: A Life (1998) NYTBR, 19 April 1998 Tecumseh interests me from his presence as a character in Orson Scott Card's Alvin Maker series, and from my own recent reading about the Cherokee nation and its opposition to his plans (Trail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation, John Ehle, 1988; an excellent, engaging historical retelling).
Wolff, Christoph   Johann Sebastian Bach: The Learned Musician (2000) NYTBR, 9 April 2000  

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