Steven Knight's Bookmarks

A lot of pages to track. I'm breaking this down into sub-pages, so you don't have to load the whole thing. I've tried to categorize the links by why I like them; consequently, various links may show up in multiple categories. If you notice broken links, I'd appreciate hearing about them ( so I can update or remove them.
AltaVista: Advanced Query My favorite search engine
ANONYMOUS SURFING On the Internet, everyone knows you're dog.
Steven Knight links A bit of web-based narcissism, links for all the Steven Knights I've come across
Computing links
Football links Go Packers.
Game links
Investing links
Music links
Useful links
Genealogy links Links related to my and my relatives's lineage
Fan links Links about people I admire
Fun links Well, I thought they were fun, anyway...
Strong Women Heartless Bitches International, All Men Must Die, geekgirl, &c...
On-Line Comics
Animated Film
Literary links More than just literature; anything to do with the written word.
American Chestnut links
Skeptical links

Other Pages (which should be classified, given time)

Survival Research Laboratories
Welcome to Watchman Fellowship!
The MoJo Wire--Interactive Exposés and Politics
Directorate of Time
Catch of the Day
Doomed Engineers
Stereos of the Rich and Famous
Philip Greenspun's home page
Electronic Mail Services
Wacky Patent of the Month
HotAIR - Rare and well-done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research
Quakeweek: Banners
maximum impact research
Welcome To MILK Kommunikations Ko-Op
Hello? --A Pointless Exercise in Telephony
Salon | Dishwasher Salmon
Boundaries of the Contiguous United States
Sesame Seeds
Ruth Buzzi's Yearbook
Josh Karpf: In Search of the Perfect Pork Martini
NCSTRL Home Page
Spacewar! The Payphone Project
Netmaster 10baseT is in the house
Dimitrios Stiliadis
Kevin Rubio's Troops! @
SpringWalker by Applied Motion, Inc.
Monty Python Bibliography
Salon Ivory Tower | The fabulous kingdom of gay animals
Becoming an Objectivist in Ten Easy Steps