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The Test::Cmd module is a Perl class for writing portable tests of external commands or scripts. Its key features include portable interfaces for file system interaction, including management and cleanup of one or more temporary working directories. This makes it extremely well-suited for testing programs or systems that rely on specific file system characteristics (time stamps, permissions, directory structures), yet which must operate on multiple operating systems.

Many of the underlying ideas in this module originated in the testing framework invented by Peter Miller for his Aegis project change supervisor. Aegis is an excellent bit of work which integrates incremental creation and execution of regression tests into the software development progress.

The Test::Cmd module has been tested on Linux, BSD, and Windows NT. Portability fixes for other systems are extremely welcome.

The current release is:
The standard-issue README file from the distribution.
The downloadable archive, of course.
The POD documentation of the interface in HTML, so you can take a look before you download.
The POD documentation of the interface in plain text, if you prefer plain text.

Various older releases of the Test::Cmd module are available.

Feel free to send me something at knight@baldmt.com.
Last modified: 6 September 2001