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"more empirical evidence that software engineers are not graphic designers"
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Site Contents

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cons A mirror of the Cons home page.
cons-faq The FAQ for the Cons software construction utility.
cons-test A test suite for the Cons software construction utility.
kl-scripts A set of login scripts (sh|ksh|bash) and configuration files.
parallel-cons A page for information about parallelizing versions of the Cons software construction utility.
SCons The off-site home page of the SCons software construction utility, a Python re-implementation of the classic Cons design, and the direct descendant of the ScCons design which won the Software Carpentry build tool competition in August 2000.
Steven Knight The individual home page.
Versai Knight Parental pride.
Test-Cmd The Test::Cmd Perl module for portable, automated tests.

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Last modified: 13 April 2009